Festivals and events in Slovenia

Slovenes really do know how to enjoy themselves and there are countless local festivals throughout the year and especially the summer months. These festivals can be based around food, wine, music, art, sport or farming traditions, but one thing is for sure: you will receive a very warm welcome and a good time will be had by all!

Visit Slovenia's festivals and events for further details, but some of our favourites quite close to Chalet Lenart include…

Kamfest: takes place over a two week period every August in Kamnik (10 minutes from Chalet Lenart). It features bands from all over Europe, plus art performances, workshops and children’s activities. The stage is erected under Mali grad, which is a ruined castle with stunning views of the Kamnik Alps; listening to the music while sipping a beer and watching the sun set over the mountains is a sublime experience. And it’s free!

Kranfest: in July Kranfest offers a rich and varied programme of entertainment and ranks among the largest Slovene festivals, whilst Slovene and foreign jazz and pop musicians gather and perform their songs at the Kranj Jazz Camp every August.

National Costumes Festival: this takes place in Kamnik every September and features a parade of more than 1500 different ethnic costumes from Slovenian provinces. It’s accompanied by lots of food and drink, national dances, customs and displays of how the costumes are made. A fascinating insight into Slovenia.


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Slovene towns are lit up with masses of twinkling lights, traditional markets, nativity plays and at New Year, fireworks. These are at their height in Ljubljana, which is probably at its most magical at this time of year.

Forget the commercial ‘German style’ markets in the UK and visit Ljubljana for a December weekend – the memories will last forever.

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