Fly fishing and course fishing in Slovenia

If you’re a keen angler you will never want to leave Slovenia – be warned! The fly fishing on the pristine and gin clear rivers is among the most spectacular in Europe. The riverbanks abound in insects - mayfly, stoneflies and sedges - and fat caddisworms hide under boulders so finding baits won't be problem.

The rivers closest to Chalet Lenart are the Sava Bohinjka, Radovna and Kokra, none of which require advanced fly fishing skills (unlike the Soca). Here you can fish for grayling, salmon, brown trout and rainbow trout. Alternatively you can catch huge catfish, pike, carp and lake trout at the stunning Lake Bled or at Lake Bohinj, along with many smaller species. Or we have some great local fishing pools very close to the chalet – contact us for details, or email the local fishing club for information on fishing locally and on the Kokra (just 10-15 minutes from the chalet)

The main fishing season runs from 1 March to 30 November, although this varies by river and species. If you want to use sinker and wet fly lures, then you’re best to fish in the cold months, at the beginning and end of the fishing season. If you want to catch as many fish as possible, then summer and early autumn is the best time. From December to February you can catch Danube salmon in the Sava.

Fishing is generally allowed in all parts of rivers and lakes, but a permit is required and there are other regulations that must be observed. Help and advice can be sought from the fishing clubs that manage individual fisheries.


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